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Outdoor Living and Estate plans

The philosophy of my designs

  1. Provide design integration between the environment and built structures,
  2. Create outdoor living spaces that respect site and owner needs. 
  3. Provide design sustainability for all scales from residential to commercial and institutional.
  4. Offer site analysis, conceptual designs, construction documentation and administration.


My design philosophy provided the basis for this residence.  My sketch of the plantings for the front of this home.
My tree planting plan for above home.  Aerial photo showing plantings and property features.


I developed in association with CSM Designs additional plans for shrubs and flowers as well as detailed garden grading, garden walk layout, and tree inventory/tree recommendation plans.  My design build firm installed all the plantings and sodding, as well as providing tree maintenance in the existing woodlot for this home in Baden, PA              


Front view plantings of boxwood hedges, trees and flowers of above home.  Design in 2001, planted in 2002, photo in 2012.                     Side view showing trees and flowers. Photo in 2004


Entry drive. Photo 2006 Spa area with sculpture in landscape setting.


.  Design of walk alignment, grading, plantings and lawn shapes.  Photo  fall 2013

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Walk looking from upper level in mid summer.  Walkway leads from upper lawn to a spa area.


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